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About Two Mauds

Two Mauds, Inc. is the inspiration of Dallas Pratt, 1914 - 1994.


Born during the gilded age to a family whose fortune was made building the American oil industry, Dallas lived a life that would be unfamiliar to most.  As a small child he performed acrobatics with Douglas Fairbanks, was world travelled by his early 20's, and was a life-long friend of Doris Duke. His New York Times obituary noted that the "easiest thing for him to have done was to have done nothing".  


To the contrary, Dr. Pratt had an accomplished career in psychiatry, including 5 years in the military. He was known as a progressive in the field of mental health in the 50's & 60's and displayed a compassionate spirit to anyone he felt was misjudged. He extended this compassion to animals and was a staunch believer in the human-animal bond.  This philosphy led him to author two books in the 1980's on the subject of animal experimentation. Again, Dallas was ahead of his time and was perhaps the first highly credible voice against biomedical research in the modern animal rights movement.


Dallas established the Two Mauds foundation shortly before his death.  It is named for his beloved childhood governess, Maud Duke and his first Scottie terrier.  Dallas was very precise and specific in that he wanted the foundation to support innovative programs that directly prevent or alleviate the suffering of animals and that are carried out by smaller organizations.  


Two Mauds, Inc. is based in New York city and its Board of Directors is committed to fulfilling Dallas' wishes:  


L. Hackett-Munson          J. Mason

M. Hackett                       S. Goodman

L. Tudor                           S. Hess

C. Daub                           L. Gilbert

Directors Emeriti: D. Finkbeiner, B. Slifka


Counsel is provided by M. Haranzo of Holland & Knight.  

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