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We are all about spay-neuter.
There are many types of programs that are needed for a humane community: progressive municipal policies, education & outreach, rescue & adoption, relocation, and access to affordable veterinary care. We believe that controlling the birth rates with spay-neuter is the foundation for making the other programs more effective. 

Furthermore, Two Mauds focuses our efforts in the most rural, under-resourced areas of Appalachia. Our preferred grantee is grassroots, volunteer-run and are heroes to the animals in their community. We meet with our grantees, we know their challenges and are invested in their ongoing success & sustainability. 

Our overhead is covered by the corpus of the foundation, therefore 100% of your donation can be focused on spay-neuter programming. If you are all about spay-neuter and would like to talk shop, reach out to Sarah Hess at  
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