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Apply & Report


Qualifications for Regular Spay-Neuter Grants

> Located in (or near) our granting region                                                                     

> Be a 501c3, public charity or municipal shelter meeting certain conditions

> Have an annual budget or annual revenues of less than $100,000. If your budget is larger, please reach out prior to applying.


Application deadline for first-time applicants - organizations new to Two Mauds: June 30. We will contact you after receipt of your completed application and will consider an in-person site visit. A site visit does not guarantee funding. Application deadline for prior Two Mauds grantees: August 31. You must submit an interim or full Grant Follow-Up Report to be considered for an additional grant.

Grant decisions are usually made in late October.

Download the application, complete the information and then save & email per the directions. 


Qualifications for Matching Grants

> Be a recipient of a Two Mauds regular grant anytime in the past and have provided proper reporting on that grant

> Show a copy of a check drawn from your local government agency 

> Certify that both the municipal funding and the Two Mauds match will be used for a spay-neuter program 



Qualifications for Marion Becker Emergency Grant


> Be a recipient of a Two Mauds grant at anytime in the past 

> Have a time sensitive need

> Contact Sarah Hess to discuss 

Post-Grant Reporting 


> Reports can be submitted at any time once funds have been spent but no later than November 30 

   of the year the grant was received.

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