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Rural Fundraising - Yes You Can!

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

One aspect I see in many of the Two Mauds grant requests is that some organizations only offer spay/neuter assistance when they have grant funds. Grants are often very competitive or have a long application-to-funding timeline, so the only way to have a sustainable program is to allocate some or all of your organization's fundraising efforts to spay-neuter. In other words, grants should be "icing on the cake" to allow you to expand your program above baseline.

Easier said than done? Here are two ideas:

>Two Mauds Matching Grants provide incentives for local government agencies to fund your spay-neuter program.

>Sandy Rees at Get Fully Funded offers a unique and specific perspective on rural fundraising here. Tip: Get Fully Funded also offers step-by-step fundraising tutorials - especially for smaller organizations in the animal welfare field.

Photo credit: Paws To Care. Dyersburg, TN

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