Rural Fundraising - Yes You Can!

Updated: Oct 17

One aspect I see in many of the Two Mauds grant requests is that some organizations only offer spay/neuter assistance when they have grant funds. Grants are often very competitive or have a long application-to-funding timeline, so the only way to have a sustainable program is to allocate some or all of your organization's fundraising efforts to spay-neuter. In other words, grants should be "icing on the cake" to allow you to expand your program above baseline.

Easier said than done?!

Two Mauds Matching Grants provide incentives for local government agencies to fund your spay-neuter program.

Sandy Rees at Get Fully Funded offers a unique and specific perspective on rural fundraising here. Tip: Get Fully Funded also offers step-by-step fundraising tutorials - especially for smaller organizations in the animal welfare field.

Photo credit: Paws To Care. Dyersburg, TN

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