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Timing is Everything

In February 2021, I received a lovely update from Operation Fancy Free in Evans, WV. They received a $5,000 grant in 2019 and $10,000 in 2020; the 2020 check was received in early January 2021. This organization used to focus on foster/adoption but then realized they could save more cats by applying 100% of their efforts to TNR and spay-neuter of owned cats. Read more about their smart programming to get a jump on kitten season:

I wanted to give you a midway update on our grant dollars received from Two Mauds. This grant money has truly allowed us to get a jump start on owned cats during the winter months when outdoor only cats and live trapping is much too stressful for everyone.

We have spent $4440 of our grant dollars and have spayed 72 & neutered 52. We are on track to make this be the most successful jump on kitten season by far. We have vet appointments for 90 more cats in the month of March! Thank you again for believing in our program. The Two Mauds grant money has given us the funding to promote sterilization to the "owned" cats who normally produce the first explosion of kittens in WV, every March/April. Right now the 3 foster/adopt non-profits I work with are "looking" for kittens... Doesn't make us sad at all. !

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Thank you so much ! We appreciate your support.🐱

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