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If you are a partner with Bissell Foundation and are considering using Bissell's Petstablished software, then you can get the details:

Wholesale supply alert via the Bissel Pet Network’s post: “Bissell Pet Network just launched a pilot program called "Cathy's Club" named after Cathy Bissell. Here's the scoop - all animal welfare organizations can get wholesale medical and general supplies direct from the largest distributors in the country - things like vaccines, flea/tick parasiticides, dewormers, cleaners, food, litter, etc. We are administering the entire program through our Petstablished software, so if you join our pilot program, you will also get a free lifetime Gold membership to the software as well. We launched less than a month ago, and have hundreds of groups signing up. Here are just a few quick examples of some of the wholesale pricing:

Product Cathy's Club Price:

Heartgard / dose $4.87 (best price online $6.66)

Bravecto / dose $35.00 (best price online $54.00)

Rescue 5 Gallon $167.00 (best price online $220.00)

Parvoclear 1 Gal $18.40 (best price online $44.00)

Kennelsol 1 Gal $20.00 (best price online $35.00)

Clumping Cat Litter 40lb $8.(best price online 43 lbs $11.99)

Kong Classic Large $5.73 (best price online $12.00)

Petmate Vari Kennel 36" $66.00 (best price online $135.00)

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