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What's New for 2020

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

The 2020 grant application is now available for download.

The deadline for organizations new to Two Mauds is June 30. The deadline for groups who have already received a grant from us is August 31. Why the different dates?

-Since Two Mauds conducts site visits, the earlier deadline allows for more time to meet with potential new grantees. A site visit does not guarantee funding.


Each year, grants are more & more competitive. Here are tips to increase your chances for a successful request:

-Read & follow all the instructions on the "Grantee Information" and "Grantee Narrative" and submit the attachments in the manner requested.

-Make sure you are self-funding your spay-neuter program. In other words, if your organization spends 100% of your budget on rescue & adoption initiatives and only offers spay-neuter assistance when you have grant funding, your grant will likely be considered last of all the submissions, if at all.

Why? My friend Stacy offers a nice example of a resource pyramid to explain the "why". Find it here or in this article.

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